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Feedback from clients I have worked with online and in-person

I have worked with clients from across the country on a number of challenges and opportunities. 

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I contacted Malcolm feeling very anxious about flying, claustrophobia and overall feeling out of control when out my comfort zone during travel. We worked together for a couple of months prior to an upcoming trip.

For the first time in years I travelled without crippling anxiety before or during the trip. I can honestly say I didn’t believe it was possible after years of uncomfortable trips and avoiding travel to the point where I no longer wanted to book a vacation even postponing my honeymoon for a few years.

Now after a wonderful trip in Rome I am looking forward to my next trip with my family to make more amazing memories !
I cannot recommend Malcolm enough for his understanding of my issues and helping me through to enjoying travel again thank you 🙏


Malcolm was very supportive and helpful in this first experience of hypnotherapy.


I greatly enjoyed the experience and am looking forward to seeing what the long-term effects will be like.


This was my first experience of hypnotherapy and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Malcolm immediately put me at ease and the conversation flowed freely. By the time we got to the hypnotherapy itself I was very comfortable with the situation and able to fully benefit from the session with no apprehension or stress.


The hypnotherapy was very relaxing and enjoyable, although I only remember parts of it! It has certainly been effective for me and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Malcolm’s services to anyone!


I felt very comfortable from our first meeting, Malcolm is excellent at putting you at ease and chatting through your experiences to enable him to personalise the sessions to your needs and what you hope to achieve from them.


I felt very relaxed after each session and very focused in what i wanted to achieve. Highly recommend


Malcolm was incredibly helpful in helping me overcome some chronic headaches and various other pain symptoms.


He is very practical and personalizes his approach to the person he is working with - could not recommend him enough.


Malcolm really helped me overcome some sleep issues I was experiencing.


From the very first session I could feel a huge improvement and generally felt so much less anxious and a lot calmer. Malcolm is very professional, and really took the time to listen and understand how we could help.


I would definitely recommend Malcolm for anyone considering hypnotherapy.


Hypnotherapy for me is like a guided and personalized deep meditation that helps focus my mind on what I want to ultimately achieve while also helping to relax and allow the constant chatter of my conscious mind to melt into the background. Malcolm’s open, relaxed and non-judgmental energy has been the perfect guide in this process.


I highly recommend hypnotherapy and Malcolm’s service in particular to anyone wanting to clear their mind and quiet the noise (and the inner critique) or to find peace with whatever is causing upset at a conscious level. It’s surprisingly effective.


The shift has felt massive and so, so positive. I can't say thank you enough for all your help.


It has really changed my life! 


Had a few sessions with Malcolm now and really enjoying them. He’s so easy to talk to and takes his time to understand everything. Definitely feel like the sessions are helping and would recommend giving him a try.


I found Malcolm to be very reassuring and calm, ideal for our hypnotherapy sessions. He guided our sessions in a very open minded and supportive manner, which I found very helpful to enable me to truly relax and allow my subconscious mind to listen without the usual background mental chatter. If you are thinking of hypnotherapy,


I would highly recommend you contact Malcolm to see how he can help you, you will most certainly be in very good hands.


Malcolm really helped me.


He was calming and knowledgeable. Recommended.


I can’t recommend Malcolm highly enough! I’ve struggled with anxiety related to driving for years and realised it was almost becoming a phobia. I wondered if hypnotherapy might be able to help, so reached out to Malcolm to enquire.


He was so supportive from the outset, asking questions sensitively to understand my situation in our initial telephone consultation, and demonstrating understanding and compassion throughout our hypnotherapy sessions. I wasn’t sure what to expect with hypnotherapy but Malcolm explained everything and put me at ease.


I loved the combination of traditional counselling plus hypnotherapy in our sessions - 


100% over the moon with the service Malcolm is easy to talk to and I felt very at ease with him.


Would recommend him highly I am new to the hypnotherapy thing and was quite sceptical about it to begin with but I am more than happy with the results and my mind has been changed literally !!!


Thanks again Malcolm


After the session I felt like I was floating, just an unbelievable feeling of happiness and positivity.


Very special.


I can't recommend Malcolm highly enough.


The sessions made me realise how enjoyable it is, it actually gives you permission to just RELAX and let go and for someone who never does that, it is a refreshing change. I was shocked at just HOW relaxed I felt.


I can’t thank you enough.


I experienced a tranquillity and peacefulness during the sessions that I haven’t been able to find on my own, and left each session calmer and more relaxed each time.


Highly recommended.


I feel like I am making better choices for my body and mental health and I am not overwhelmed by the changes I want to make now. Previously it felt impossible so this is amazing. 


I would recommend Malcolm to anyone who would like to try hypnotherapy.


I found it difficult to articulate what outcome I wanted and Malcolm helped by asking questions to help guide me to what I wanted.


He made me feel comfortable and prevented me from being anxious about the sessions. It was a great introduction to hypnotherapy, and I have seen a change in my behaviour and the way I think about things.


Truthfully, I was sceptical as this was my first experience with hypnotherapy, but went in open minded, and Malcolm put me at complete ease from the outset.


He's helped me deal with anxiety I had around driving, and with his help I've gained the confidence to get back behind the wheel and regain some much needed freedom!


Would completely recommend him.


This guy is an absolute asset to any human being in life He's saved my life in so many ways mentally...sleep, mental health, stress, happiness, relationships with others and most importantly my goals in life to help me overcome my eating disorder.


Malcom is really easy to talk to, no judgment and always manages to turn a conversation comical and the outcome of it is always successful of a way forward. Malcolm is always about the positive and moving forward from whatever reason you need the therapy for. Im so much more refreshed and energetic about life and so grateful I come across this guy.


He's brought me back to who I am, that funny, confident and laid back indivdual who doesnt care what people think! Confidence is something ive always struggled with and its something I never thought I'd get back, and thanks to big M, hes only gone and saved my life.


Guy deserves an MBE!!


Malcolm is a miracle worker.

As a mindset coach myself, I was going thru a lot but he helped me with my struggles I was going thru. It was the most blissful experience and I am booking few more to get myself aligned with my vision and intentions.

I highly recommend him to anyone. Big or small whatever u are going thru, just give him a call.
Love and light 🙏🏻


Malcolm was so easy to talk to and even my daughter with anxiety felt comfortable talking to him.


She also has a fear of needles and we were able have help to overcome this as well. Huge difference in her from start of sessions until now thanks to Malcolm.


Had a session of hypnotherapy for stoping smoking with Malcolm today.


Very professional and a really nice person with it. Felt really comfortable talking to him about anything. Through the hypnosis I could feel changes. I have not had a cigarette all day and feel calm and in control.

Thanks so much will update in a few weeks 


Malcolm is amazing! I had sleeping issues and nothing helped until I worked with him. Malcolm is very calm, kind and an expert in his field.


I would recommend him to anyone who is trying to change his or her subconscious.


Malcolm has been extremely helpful in helping me tackle anxiety issues. He is professional, has a very good manner, easy to talk to and I thoroughly recommend him. A good find!! 


From the beginning, Malcolm made me feel comfortable, and answered any questions I had (including regarding my cynicism around hypnotherapy, and my inability to visualise, which was not a barrier to the process).


The issues I consulted him about were very personal and potentially embarrassing, but he created a safe, friendly space to discuss them. The discussion prior to the hypnotherapy process was just as valuable as the hypnotherapy itself.


I have now had two sessions with Malcolm and can honestly say that they have been extremely beneficial. Not only has the hypnotherapy helped but Malcolm is a friendly, pleasant individual who is very easy to talk to before the hypnotherapy begins.


I would highly recommend Malcolm's services for anyone who has been struggling with anxiety or mental health issues. I will definitely be continuing with the hypnotherapy.


I’ve been working with Malcolm over Zoom and it's been a great experience.


He listens to your issues and creates a session based on your needs and on how best to achieve the desired results. Highly recommend.


Relaxing and personal to me. Malcolm really took the time to understand what I hoped to achieve. He’s very reassuring, non judgemental and open.
Results were fantastic. Best nights sleep I’ve had in ages and I’ve been calm, focused and confident since. All in one session.


Can only recommend it.


Malcolm was incredibly perceptive, highlighting things I hadn’t realised in terms of my thought processes, and encouraging me to think differently and more positively. I’m quite amazed with how differently I feel about driving after our sessions - I’m usually even an anxious passenger and the thought of driving used to make me hyperventilate.


Now I feel calm and in control when I think about driving, and I’m about to book some refresher lessons.


Thank you Malcolm!


I encourage anyone dealing with any worry or anxiety, however specific or unusual it may be, to speak to Malcolm to discuss how hypnotherapy might be able to help.


Working with Malcolm online was hugely beneficial.


Highly recommended. 


Highly recommend.

Really nice guy who is very kind and patient.

Totally gets peoples issues. 


An all round excellent experience. I felt instantly at ease with Malcolm and noticed improvements after the first session.

Highly recommended. 

Very special.


I can't recommend Malcolm highly enough.


The treatment has been hugely beneficial. I feel more energy and enthusiasm for life in general. I am sleeping better, which is hugely positive. The disturbance to my sleep by the tinnitus was a significant problem. He has a powerful but gentle presence, and I felt he had a huge, lasting influence on my state of mind.


His approach is kind and unpretentious. His presence was guiding and not at all distracting. I went into this feeling sceptical and wary, and came out trusting him and convinced of the effectiveness of the treatment.


I now have faith in the benefits of hypnosis and would certainly consider it in the future.


Hypnotherapy with Malcolm has really helped me to cope with the stress I’ve been under, he’s so calming and understanding and I was surprised how helpful I found the sessions.


I would thoroughly recommend Malcolm to everyone, and I sing his praises to anyone who’ll listen!

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