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This is a two-hour+ intensive session, which is ideal if you want to kick the habits... for good!

Many people find it very difficult to stop smoking. Recent research suggests it can take around 30 attempts to successfully quit.


​The success rate for stopping smoking with hypnotherapy is slightly above 66%.
This is compared to quitting on your own at 5%, using behaviour therapy at 25%, or using Nicotine Replacement Products at 25%.

A habit such as smoking is simply a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur unconsciously. More often than not there is a positive intention behind each habit, but it may be impacting our physical or emotional wellbeing. Breaking that habit may seem difficult and daunting... but hypnotherapy can help. 

Hypnotherapy can break the negative behaviors and thought patterns associated with smoking, and work together to target the unconscious motivations for smoking. These may include the need to reduce boredom, alleviate stress, loneliness, or the desire to be accepted by others or fit in. We also target the unconscious smoking triggers, such as driving, having a drink, after a meal, etc, and help break these associations.

It is not about replacing the habit with something else, it is about breaking free completely! 

These sessions are designed specifically to focus on your smoking habit and how to break free from that. 

You also get access to the member resources that include a range of useful recordings and other tools. 

All for £125. 


Any future standard sessions would then be at the discounted rate of £50. 

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