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How can online hypnotherapy benefit you? Exploring the key advantages

I am often asked about the pros and cons of hypnotherapy online. As more people become comfortable with video calls, there are more and more advantages to this way of working. As hypnotherapy sessions involve talking, then this part is just as it would be face to face! The hypnosis part works very well (to the surprise of many), as this typically involved a client closing their eyes and being guided in to hypnosis through the power of words! All of which works just fine online. In fact, it can be even easier for many people to switch off and let go in the comfort of their own home. So here are some of the advantages to working in this way.

No travel restrictions

Hypnotherapy is often based around relaxation, and for many the travelling to and from a therapist is often time consuming and frustrating. Working online means you can benefit from hypnotherapy from eh comfort of your own home without the need to travel.


Online therapy sessions often offer flexibility tin terms of time as well as location. You can engage in therapy at your convenience with sessions often available in the evening or at weekends. This means it can easily fit in with work commitments, childcare responsibilities etc.


For those who may have reservations about sharing their innermost thoughts and feelings, online hypnotherapy sessions provide a reassuring solution. Conducted in the privacy of your own space, this means many people can more readily open up and express themselves authentically.

Broader access

Online hypnotherapy opens the door to a wider pool of qualified hypnotherapists. Regardless of your location, you can connect with therapists who specialise in your specific needs, ensuring you receive the best possible service. It is important to work with someone you connect with and working online opens up many more options.

I have worked with clients in around the world who specifically wanted to work with me and location was no barrier.

Health and well-being

Health concerns are prevalent, online hypnotherapy sessions provide a secure and protective option. Whether someone is trying to avoid social contact for health reasons, or perhaps there are mobility issues working online provide a way to navigate these concerns.


Imagine the comfort of participating in a hypnotherapy session while comfortably clad in your pyjamas, or other comfortable clothes, on your own sofa or favourite chair. There is no need to do your hair or make-up if you don't want to.

Just as effective

For some reason people do think working face to face is more effective. However all the evidence shows working online can be just as effective, and in any case more so. There is no right way or wrong way, it is whatever works best for you.

But of course if someone prefers working in-person that option is typically available as well. I see clients in Dumfries and Galloway. But working online means I also see clients from around the work.


Get in touch to learn more about hypnotherapy - online or in-person - and its benefits.

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