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Overcoming long covid: Can hypnotherapy help?

There has been a lot on the news recently about long Covid. A recent survey suggests around two million people may have experienced some long-lasting symptoms after having coronavirus.

There is so much that is still unknown about the condition and there no universally-agreed definition. It covers a broad range of symptoms after an initial Covid infection, including tiredness, coughs, chest pain, headaches and muscle pain.

  • About a third of people who report they have coronavirus symptoms have one or more symptoms that persist for at least 12 weeks.

  • Higher weight, smoking, lower incomes, having a chronic illness and being hospitalised with Covid were all linked to a higher chance of experiencing symptoms of long Covid.

  • One of the most common symptoms was fatigue

  • In people who were very ill with Covid, shortness of breath was a dominant long-lasting symptom

More information is emerging all the time and researchers say there is a need for more studies to build on the emerging evidence.

Another study - conducted by University College London and King's College London - found one in six middle-aged people who had reported being infected with coronavirus also said they had long Covid symptoms. This fell to one in 13 among younger adults.

The impact on individuals and the wider impact on the economy is still unknown and may take many years to fully comprehend. Each case is different. People simply want to feel how they used to feel. For many, they are still unable to return to work or live the lives they had pre Covid. It is having a significant impact of their quality of life. Long Covid is undoubtedly very challenging and the uncertainty and fear around the condition can lead to increased levels of stress, anxiety, panic, and depression.

Hypnotherapy may help you to manage the way you react and respond to this illness and to gain back greater control. Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome many of the side effects of long Covid such as increased levels of stress anxiety, panic, and depression. It can improve your confidence and empower you.

With so much still unknown about the long Covid and the negative feelings it can create, it is more important than ever to optimise emotional health to boost your physical health.

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