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Powerful podcasts to transform your mindset and boost your productivity

I knew about podcasts and occasionally even listened to several in the past few years. However it is only recently I discovered the huge amount of fantastic content that is available. A barrier was always being overwhelmed by the choices, and put off by the variety in quality. With more and more people doing podcasts, the choices just seemed too much and it was more difficult to find the worthwhile ones. After getting a few recommendations from some friends and colleagues, I discovered some really great ones.

Which led me to seek out some more and to discover some really powerful ones that can really help our general wellbeing and mental health.

So here are just a few podcasts related to wellbeing that I would highly recommend. You can get these via the links included or at all the usual places! Give them a go and see what you think.

Happy Place

Now in its ninth series and with over 40 million downloads, this podcast builds on the success of the top 10 bestseller HAPPY by Fearne Cotton. She draws on her own experiences and shares advice from experts on how to work through feeling down to finding joy each day. With a fantastic range of guests, this is a candid and accessible look at mental health and related topics. In particular, have a listen to the recent Miriam Margolyes edition.

Radio Head Space

These bite-size podcasts are available every weekday morning, providing an opportunity to take a few moments to pause, reflect and consider what brings us together. These are just a few minutes, and we can all find that each day to give ourselves a much-needed boost.

Paul McKenna's Positivity Podcast

Each week, Paul McKenna interviews a huge variety of interesting and successful people in a deeply explorative style. He aims to discover the reason for their success and what motivates and inspires them.

Chris Evans – How to Wow

Chris talks to high-achieving individuals from a huge variety of backgrounds. He has a real enthusiasm for self-development and helping everyone achieve their full potential. Described as 'a technicolour "how to.." gold mine of inspiration, wisdom, and experience', there are some fascinating interviews.

Mentally Yours

Mentally Yours chats to all sorts of guests about their own struggles and discusses “all the weird stuff going on in our minds.”

If these inspire you to make some changes in your life, then hypnotherapy may be able to help. Get in touch to find out how hypnotherapy can help you.

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