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Understanding limiting beliefs and how to overcome them

Limiting beliefs are like invisible chains that hold you back from pursuing your dreams, achieving your goals, and forming healthy relationships.

They are those stubborn thoughts or mental states that you perceive as undeniable truths, restricting your actions and stifling your personal growth.

They are not always about you. Limiting beliefs can also be about how you view the world around you, your ideas, or your interactions with others.

Examples of limiting beliefs

The most common limiting belief is "I'm not good enough". Most people have thought that from time to time, many have that thought regularly.

  • "I'm too old to go back to change career"

  • "I'm introverted to be a successful entrepreneur. I should give up now."

  • "I don't have time to start a new hobby because I'm so busy."

Where do limiting beliefs come from?

We were not born with such limiting beliefs, somewhere along the line we created them. At some point we had to decide to believe in those limitations.

  • Life Experiences: Every life experience leaves a mark. What you draw from these experiences shape your future choices

  • Family Values and Beliefs: Your family, knowingly or unknowingly, instilled a set of beliefs and values in you from a young age. This could be about career choices, tastes in music, or hobbies. As you grew, you likely adopted some of these beliefs as your own.

  • Education: Those you learn from, be it teachers, family, or friends, influence your perception. If you respect someone and they share their beliefs, you're more likely to accept those beliefs as your own.

So, why do these beliefs matter? Well, they set boundaries and limitations in our lives, constraining us within our comfort zones. They act as unconscious defence mechanisms, attempting to shield us from potential pain by recalling past negative experiences.

The result? Negative emotions like imposter syndrome, anxiety, and procrastination.

Identifying Limiting Beliefs

  • Write Down Your Beliefs: A great way to start is to list your general and detailed beliefs, categorising them by aspects of life such as family, relationships, and health. This exercise can help you identify which ones are helping you, as well as which ones are limiting you.

  • Reflect on Your Behaviour: Examine how you react in different situations. Do you avoid conflict or confrontation at all costs? Do you avoid certain situations or activities? Such patterns can reveal your limiting beliefs.

  • Recognise Challenges: Consider what regularly challenges you in life. Are there recurring patterns? This can be a sign of specific limiting beliefs that need addressing.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

  • Question Your Beliefs: Ask yourself what would happen if your limiting belief were wrong. Challenge it. Look for proof why the belief is right, you may find a lack of evidence.

  • Create New Beliefs: Replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones. Get creative in redefining your mindset.

  • Try Out New Beliefs: Put your new beliefs to the test. Do they hold true in practice? How else do you find out unless you try.

  • Embrace Personal Development: Cultivate a growth mindset and be proud of your personal development journey. But be realistic in what you can achieve and in what timeframe.

  • Declutter Your Environment: Organise your physical and mental space to support positive change.

  • Priorities Mental Health: Regularly evaluate your well-being and take steps to ensure it remains in good shape.

  • Step Outside Your Comfort Zone: Push yourself to take risks and explore new territories.

How hypnotherapy can help

Hypnotherapy offers a powerful avenue for overcoming limiting beliefs by tapping into the unconscious mind where many of these beliefs exits. Through guided relaxation and focused attention, you can access the root causes of your limiting beliefs and reprogram them. You can find te solution and work towards that goal, quickly, overcoming the unconscious barriewrs that may have previously prevented this.

During a hypnotherapy session, you are helped to identify and challenge these negative thought patterns, replacing them with empowering beliefs that align with their goals and aspirations. This process enables you to break free from the constraints of self-doubt and self-sabotage, ultimately fostering personal growth, self-confidence, and a renewed sense of self-worth. Working with the potential of the unconscious mind, hypnotherapy empowers individuals to rewrite the scripts of their lives and unlock their true potential.

Looking ahead

Your limiting beliefs don't have to define your life forever. As you evolve, so can your beliefs. Overcoming them may not be easy, but the rewards are immeasurable. Understanding the origins of limiting beliefs, identifying your own, and taking steps to overcome them will require time and effort. However, the transformation and growth you experience will be well worth the journey.


Get in touch to learn more about hypnotherapy and how it can help you overcome limiting beliefs or other challenges.

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