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Achieve Your Goal

with hypnotherapy


In-person sessions now at The Crichton in Dumfries - or online from anywhere!

"This is powerful stuff! I approached it with an open mind and am delighted with the results."

Working together we can achieve your goal and make positive changes quickly with Hypnotherapy.


Using hypnotherapy - in-person in Dumfries and Galloway or online - many people see and feel significant results fast.​ It is a highly effective way to give up bad habits, start good habits and make better choices.


It is not a one size fits all. This is specific to you and a specifically designed hypnotherapy plan is created for each new client.


Hypnotherapy can help you can unlock your true potential and live the life you've always wanted.


I have worked with many clients on a huge variety of challenges and opportunities

Get in touch to find out how hypnotherapy can help you. 


Sleep is so important for our physical and mental health, yet many of us struggle with it. If you have issues with sleep, hypnotherapy can help. 


Break free from anxiety and give yourself the sense of calm, clarity and focus you deserve. Hypnotherapy can help. 


Hypnotherapy is a highly effective and medically recommended method to manage Irritable Bowel Syndrome and related symptoms.


Hypnotherapy is a great way to relax and switch off - and learns tools and techniques to do this yourself


Kick the habit once and for all. Hypnotherapy is a highly effective way to stop... for good! 

and more!

There are many more things hypnotherapy can help with, from tinnitus to sport performance. 

About Me

"I know how well hypnotherapy works because it changed my life. Hypnotherapy has given me the confidence I needed to make positive changes in my life and I want to help you achieve your goals. Working together we can make the positive changes and overcome unconscious barriers to change." 

Malcolm Struthers

Clinical Hypnotherapist

HPD (NCH), MNCH (reg), CNHC (reg)

Online and in-person in Dumfries & Galloway

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How It Works

Simple steps to make lasting changes


This is an opportunity to find out a bit more about each other and how I can help you.


It’s your chance to ask any questions and to ensure we find the right approach to achieve your goals. We discuss whether you want to work online or in-person (in Dumfries and Galloway)

We can discuss which package is right for you (typically three of five sessions).


This may be on Zoom or face to face in Dumfries and Galloway. It is an in-depth look at where you are, where you want to be, and how we can work together using hypnotherapy to get you there.


We chat through your goals and the positive changes you would like to achieve using hypnotherapy. 


Following our chat, this includes an initial hypnosis session. 


Ongoing online sessions using hypnosis and other techniques to work towards making lasting and impactful changes. 


Each session is up to 75 minutes


The number of sessions required varies, but typically a three of five session package works well (which we will have discussed in the consultation).


You will receive exclusive access to the member hub.


Here you have access to many hypnosis recordings you can use in your own time between sessions and after our sessions are complete. 

There are also other helpful tools and resources exclusive to the members hub. 

Sofa and plant

My Approach

I use a blended model of talking therapy that is individual to each client, using hypnotherapy alongside other tools and techniques, to make the changes you want. This is a brief therapy approach, usually requiring only a limited number of hypnotherapy sessions. We look ahead to where you want to be, and how I can help get you there quickly. 


Working together, using hypnotherapy, we can achieve your goal very quickly. My approach is practical, pragmatic and common sense. I have a gentle but determined approach to help you help yourself. 

Sessions can be online (via Zoom) or in-person in Dumfries & Galloway (easily accessible from Dumfries, Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbright, Newton Stewart, Stranraer, Sanquhar, Thornhill, Langholm, Lockerbie, Annan, Carlisle, etc).


Home visits can be arranged on request.


During the free consultation, we can discuss what is the best option for you. 



I found Malcolm to be a very calming and trusting presence, which aided my sessions. I would highly recommend Malcolm.

August 2023


I have just completed a block of sessions with Malcolm and I cannot express the difference these sessions have made to me.

Thank you Malcolm...from the bottom of my heart!

August 2023


Had a great experience with Malcom's 2hr smoking cessation session. I would absolutely recommend Malcom to anyone looking to tackle nicotine addiction.

June 2023


I cannot recommend Malcolm enough for his understanding of my issues and helping me through to enjoying travel again thank you!

April 2023

Perspon at laptop

Online Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy online means you can access therapy from the comfort of your own home - wherever you are in the world. 


All tools and techniques are just as effective online as they are face to face and many clients find it quicker and easier to relax this way. You can get comfortable in your favourite chair and enjoy all the benefits of hypnotherapy online.

Working online means I have worked with clients across the UK as well as in Dubai, South Africa, Spain, Australia, and of course right across the UK. 


All online sessions are via Zoom.

What's it all about?

What is hypnotherapy?

In hypnotherapy, we create a state of deep relaxation and focussed attention. This allows you to be more receptive to positive suggestions and open to finding new ways of doing or seeing things. This means you are best placed to achieve your goals quickly.

Hypnosis can help you understand and take control of your thoughts, your feelings, and your behaviours. Through hypnotherapy, you embrace positive and impactful changes. Using positive suggestions and guided imagery and other techniques, I can help you deal with a wide range of concerns.


Together we make lasting changes. It is a pleasant and relaxing experience where your unconscious is listening as your conscious mind has a well-deserved rest.

My style of hypnotherapy

My style of hypnotherapy is solution focussed. This simply means we mainly focus on what you want to achieve. We don't look too much at the past, though of course, we will talk about that. I am more interested in getting you to where you want to be. So we use imagination and stories alongside direct positive suggestions to implement the changes you want to achieve. 

It is a collaborative process. We identify what you want to accomplish, what goals you would like to achieve and how we can get you there, quickly. Sessions typically involve us chatting for a while, then we do some hypnosis, your opportunity to relax and effortlessly accept positive suggestions. 

For me it is not magical or mystical, it just makes sense! So I aim to being a common sense approach to my style of hypnotherapy. 

How hypnotherapy helped me

I know how well hypnotherapy works because it changed my life. Hypnotherapy has given me the confidence I needed to make positive changes in my life. For many years I have suffered with mental health issues, in particular anxiety and depression.


Related to this, I have also suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). These are all things I still deal with but I know I can manage them due to the hypnotherapy I have had and the techniques I have learned. It also helped me with smoking and a phobia of snakes! 

A blended approach

I also combine hypnotherapy with techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). This ensures that we find the right tools for you. So we may do a few simple, but effective, NLP or CBT activities that will help you achieve your goal. 

Additional resources and support 

All clients have access to the member area of the website. This gives you a range of resources such as recordings and guides, to use in your own time. It can be challenging but clients find it highly rewarding and even fun! 

support image

In-person Sessions - Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

You may prefer sessions in person. I am based at The Crichton in Dumfries (Grierson House, The Crichton, Bankend Road, Dumfries, DG1 4ZE) in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.


This is easily accessible from across Dumfries and Galloway including Dumfries, Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbright, Newton Stewart, Stranraer, Sanquhar, Thornhill, Langholm, Lockerbie, Annan, Gretna Green, Moffat, etc. It is also not far from Carlisle (and Cumbria in general), etc. 

I provide a relaxed environment to allow you to enjoy the full benefits of hypnotherapy. So whether you prefer online hypnotherapy or in-person hypnotherapy - get in touch to find out more!

Depending on the circumstances home visits can be arranged. 

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